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The Art of Jewelry Care: Expert Tips from BELLER

Welcome to the world of BELLER, where every detail matters. As jewelry experts in the field of jewelry, we want to share with you our professional jewelry care recommendations. Here are our tips that will help you keep your treasures in perfect condition for years.

Sztuka Pielęgnacji Biżuterii: Wskazówki Eksperckie od BELLER

Welcome to the world of BELLER , where every detail matters. As jewelry experts, we want to share with you our professional jewelry care recommendations. Here are our tips that will help you keep your treasures in perfect condition for years.

Gold Care Expertise: Differences Between 14k (585) and 18k (750) Trials

Gold, as a metal, comes in various grades, each of which has its own unique properties. At BELLER, we focus on the precise care of both 14-carat (585) and 18-carat (750) gold.

14k gold (585) is characterized by greater hardness and resistance to damage, thanks to the higher content of other metals in the alloy. It is perfect for everyday jewelry, offering durability while maintaining an attractive shine.

In turn, 18k gold (750) contains a higher percentage of pure gold, which gives it a more intense color and greater softness. Jewelry made of this metal is more delicate and requires special care when cleaning and using.

Our cleaning methods for both of these gold grades involve gently treating the surface with a specially formulated gold cleaner or a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove dirt without risk of damage. Avoiding contact with strong chemicals and perfumes is crucial to maintaining the natural shine and color of gold. Our professional approach to the care of these different gold grades ensures that each piece of jewelry retains its value and beauty for years.

Silver - Darkening Protection with Additional Rhodium Plating

Silver, known for its beauty, is naturally susceptible to oxidation. At BELLER, we use the rhodium plating process, which additionally protects silver against darkening, ensuring its shine remains longer. We recommend polishing silver regularly with special polishing cloths, which will maintain its original shine and prevent tarnishing.

Precious Stones in our jewelry - Care for Their Incomparable Glow

At BELLER, we approach precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires with full care to highlight their incomparable beauty. We recommend gentle cleaning using mild soap and a soft brush, which allows you to safely remove dirt while protecting its grind and shine. Regularly checking the settings in our showrooms will ensure that the stones remain safely mounted and their unique shine will please the eye for years. Our professional approach guarantees that each stone will look spectacular, maintaining its unique splendor and character.

Jewelry Without Stones

Regular polishing with a soft cloth will help keep your products in perfect condition. We also recommend regular visits to our salon so that we can perform professional cleaning and polishing.

Rhodium Plated Jewelry - Excellence in Protection for Silver and White Gold

At BELLER, rhodium plating is not only the standard for white gold jewelry, but also a key feature of our silver collections, available in exclusive boutiques in Krakow and Warsaw. The rhodium plating process adds an additional layer of protection and exceptional shine, highlighting the elegance and durability of these precious metals. We recommend avoiding abrasive materials and chemicals when cleaning. Regular professional servicing in our showrooms will ensure the constant beauty and quality of your rhodium-plated treasures, both in white gold and silver.

Expertise in the care of gold jewelry in our boutiques in Warsaw and Krakow

Discover the secret of the constant shine of your gold jewelry at the BELLER atelier, located in the most prestigious locations in Warsaw and Krakow. We are a place where passion for perfection and love for gold jewelry come together, offering unparalleled cleaning and renovation services for anyone who wants to restore their favorite jewelry pieces to their former glory.

Our services, tailored to the needs of the most demanding elements of gold jewelry, ensure not only refreshment, but also comprehensive renewal. At BELLER, we use the latest technologies and the extensive experience of our experts to restore each piece of jewelry to its unique character and shine with care and precision.


We encourage you to personally visit our boutiques at ul. Mokotowska 71 in Warsaw and at ul. Szczepańska 9 in Krakow. It is here, in the heart of these historic cities, that we offer a full range of gold jewelry care services, making each piece gain its value and beauty again. At BELLER, gold jewelry Warsaw and gold jewelry Kraków are synonyms of the highest quality, elegance and unique style. Don't let time dim the shine of your jewelry. Let us renovate and emphasize its beauty, making it not only a testimony of refined taste, but also a lasting symbol of extraordinary moments. Visit BELLER and experience professionalism in the care of your gold jewelry.


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