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Gold bracelet Elements N°7

2.200 zł

Discover the charm and glamour of the N°7 gold bracelet from the ELEMENTS collection, perfect for lovers of sophisticated jewelry. This gold bracelet is the quintessence of elegance, combining a classic aesthetic with a personal touch. If you are a fan of traditional yellow gold, it presents itself in this most classic form that never goes out of style. For fans of modernity, we suggest an intriguing combination of yellow gold with white or romantic pink, so that every woman can find her unique style. Handmade bracelet from the ELEMENTS collection provides not only exceptional quality, but also personalization. Choose your favorite shade of gold, opting for fourteen-karat or eighteen-karat to perfectly match your taste. The N°7 gold bracelet is distinguished by its delicate anklet weave, which reflects subtle craftsmanship and accuracy. The centrally placed D-color diamond with the highest clarity adds a unique, playful sparkle to this bracelet, while being a symbol of luxury and timeless elegance. Feel free to purchase the N°7 gold bracelet to add a touch of elegance to your everyday attire, and an unforgettable sparkle to every special moment. It is not just jewelry, but a part of your personality, which will testify to your refined taste and love of beauty. Voilà, here is a bracelet that is waiting to become yours.

Item size: 2 cm

Bracelet weight: 1,67 g

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