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Gold bracelet Elements N°8

3.150 zł

The N°8 gold bracelet from the ELEMENTS collection from BELLER is not just jewelry, but a true work of art that celebrates the traditions of goldsmithing. Each handmade bracelet in this series is the result of two days of precise work by our master goldsmiths. The long time of creation is a guarantee of perfect workmanship and attention to the smallest details, which can be seen in the unique hand-joined weave, which is the heart of this bracelet. N°8 gold bracelet is the epitome of individual style and elegance. We let you choose the shade of gold - classic, yellow or a sophisticated mixed combination - to perfectly match your tastes. Your decision begins our artistic journey, during which we create for you not only an ornament, but, above all, a reflection of your personality. When you choose the Elements N°8 gold bracelet, you are assured that within five days of placing your order, you will receive not only a unique accessory, but also an everlasting treasure on your wrist. Made of 14- or 18-karat gold, this bracelet is an investment in quality that will last for generations. With BELLER, you can Define Your Style while enjoying exceptional beauty and timeless value. Don't miss the chance to become the owner of this unique bracelet, which will not only enhance your look, but also testify to your refined taste.

Size of elements: 2x 2,3 cm, 1,5 cm

Weight: 4,16 g

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