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Gold earrings Raw N°7

2.100 zł

The unusual form and design of the Raw N°7 gold handmade earrings from our collection of BELLER designer jewelry stirs the imagination and inspires you to explore new possibilities. These gold earrings, subtle at first glance, make a stunning impression in person, shining beautifully in the light and drawing the eye with their unique aesthetics. Combining timeless classics with a modern take on fashion, these gold handmade earrings by Raw N°7 offer more than a simple adornment. One of their pieces is movable and offers three levels of height adjustment, allowing for complete personalization and customization to suit individual needs and styling. Each pair of these luxurious earrings has been made with the utmost care by hand in our workshop, from fourteen- or eighteen-carat gold of a beautiful shade, filled with this precious bullion. Their extraordinary durability and resistance to mechanical damage make the gold handmade earrings Raw N°7 quickly become an object of desire and admiration, being an expression of luxury and refined taste. Gold Raw N°7 earrings from BELLER are the quintessence of author's jewelry, which easily captures the hearts and imagination of all who appreciate not only beauty, but also the opportunity to express themselves through fashion.

Earring length: 2 cm-2,2 cm

Weight: 2,79 g

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