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Gold earrings Raw N°9

2.050 zł

The gold earrings N°9 from the RAW collection perfectly capture the spirit of our original series, combining elements that seem impossible to combine. In these handmade gold earrings, elegance meets avant-garde, simplicity meets modernity, and chic meets feisty. This is a unique combination, which gives the jewelry an unusual character and makes it a distinctive element of any styling. The N°9 gold earrings are composed of three free-floating elements, which makes them reflect the light extremely beautifully and shine between the hairs, attracting attention and adding sparkle to any movement. Each pair of these earrings is made entirely by hand from fourteen- or eighteen-karat gold, which not only guarantees their beautiful shade, but also their filling with precious bullion. Thanks to the use of high-grade gold, the N°9 gold earrings are characterized by exceptional durability and resistance to mechanical damage. The material used in their production ensures that the earrings will enjoy their brilliance and extraordinary quality for many years. Gold earrings N°9 from the RAW collection are the perfect choice for those who appreciate the unique combination of tradition and modernity, and are looking for jewelry that stands out both for the quality of workmanship and original design. We invite you to purchase these unique earrings, which are sure to become one of the most valuable items in your collection.

Length of earrings: 3,3 cm

Weight: 2,73 g

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